Median XL Installation Guide

There is no need for modern computer to play this modification, but if you want 99% success in programs & games installation, make sure that your Windows is clean, up to date and free from viruses.

Step by step:

  1. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
  2. Median XL Ultimative
  3. D2MultiRes
  4. PlugY
  5. Final preparations

Common problems

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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Only one thing that you must worry about is version of your Diablo II: LoD — it must be 1.12a. You can install Diablo II and the LoD addon from you old CD's and apply a patch, or get digital copy from the internet. Beware of the client's modern autoupdate technology!

Diablo II Installer

Median XL Ultimative

After the client installation process, all subsequent steps should seem like a breeze. In this case all that you need is download Median XL Ultimative and extract «patch_d2.mpq» from .rar archive to the Diablo II folder (answer Yes about replacing):

Many interesting things awaits you in Median XL


D2MultiRes is a .dll that allow you to play in your native (or other) display resolution. It is not only about the graphics, it is also about field of view and smooth mouse movement. Just try it by putting all files from archive to your Diablo II folder:

You can choose any resolution that allowed for your display


PlugY just a small program that have big powers. It extends your inventory and Cube, make you stash near-infinity big and available for all of your characters. You will not able to play without PlugY after trying, so unpack it to your game folder:

Do you see health and mana amount near bottom of the screen?

Final preparations

Last, but most important things that you must do is:

  • [Only for Windows Vista and newer] In the Properties menu of D2VidTst.exe and PlugY.exe (they in game folder) set compability mode to Windows XP Service Pack 2:
    Compability settings for D2VidTst.exe and PlugY
  • Launch D2VidTst.exe, wait when it tests your system and choose DirectDraw 2D Mode.
  • Open PlugY.ini and change some values:
  • Optionally you can change AlwaysDisplayLifeAndManaValues to 1 and...

That's all, you are ready to play the game! Launch PlugY.exe and beware ;)



Common problems

If you encounter any problems the first thing you must do — check, that you follow this guide correctly and not miss something. After that, check our list of known problems:

  • In any ambiguous situation Launch everything with Administrator's rights.
  • Unhandled Exception: Access Violation (0xc0000005) — this is very common error when you are use D2MultiRes. You can try many things to solve this error, including: check, that you follow the guide again, system restart (yes, it really can help), disk and RAM error checking, driver update, disable DEP, allocate more memory to pagefile, reinstall Windows...
  • After selection of new display resolution, your screen may turn black. If you encounter this, you must delete D2MultiRes registry entry — HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Diablo II\D2RMRes

Feel free to comment (no registration required) using form below if you facing with unlisted problems, or just want to talk about this great modification. ;)

Comments (14)

I'll be waiting for you in Diablo II: Median XL Ultimative!

Классный сайт

Спасибо за подробную статью.

У меня "битая" графика, что делать?

Установил Median XL 1.3.2 (2017), скачал и установил русификатор, но язык не изменился. Помогите пожауйста

dont work

Hi guys the D2 multires not working I got this "error unable to load d2multires.dll" anone know how can I make it work?

скачал последнюю версию Sigma, запускает игру с кривыми шрифтами

Когда выйдет русская версия Median xl sigma.

Народ подскажите пожалуйста , как запустить игру с plugy на весь экран , а то он запускается только в окне , а на весь экран нельзя поставить с plugy , что делать?

А есть русификатор для игры то?

привет,у меня в игре все предметы называются "ИТ" - оружие,шмотки,руны,камни,статуэтка которая в инвентаре лежала со старта, описания предметов нет толком,указаны только цифры да и там проскакивает слово "ИТ", а сверху (там где должно быть название)под словом "ИТ" во всех предметах одна и та же писанина бессвязная про магию и чьито там нравоучения,самое смешное что этот же бред написан над всеми врагами при наведении и во время боя,и с мобов ничего не падает.

When I try to run median i get the same Error every time, No characters found in f

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